BIDDING AGREEMENT. By bidding you are agreeing to the following terms and are entering a legal binding agreement to follow through with the purchase of those lots from Glass Discoveries or Pole Top Discoveries auctions.

REGISTRATION. All persons wishing to bid via the internet must check the “I accept” box below and fillout the registration form prior to placing bids. This “one time” registration will cover all future auctions, and you will not need to register again.

GUARANTEE REGARDING DESCRIPTIONS. Your complete satisfaction is our primary goal! Pole Top Discoveries / Glass Discoveries guarantees the description of items to be correct in regards to authenticity, age and condition as represented in the Catalogue. Minor manufacturing flawsor traces of use, which, in our opinion do not significantlydetract monetarily from the item, are not subject to refund. In the unlikely event of a dispute, the auction house will make the finaldecision regarding refunds.

BIDDING METHODS. Absentee bids will be accepted by phone, mail, email or through our online “real time” auction site. All items have an opening bid (O.B.) and an estimate range. No bids are accepted below the opening bid amount. If you wish to place a bid, indicate the lot number and the highest amount you are willing to pay (maximum). Your maximum will be bid competitively by the automated online bidding system. All bids are kept strictly confidential. At no time will a maximum bid be revealed. Only the current high bid is revealed. Call backs will be conducted on items at $400 and higher if unresolved by the close of the auction (see below). In rare cases, a limited number of items in a sale might have a reasonable reserve set by the consignor. Bid amounts will be executed in the increments shown below.

BID INCREMENTS. Bids are increased in the preset increments stated below. Bids executed in odd amounts between increments will be lowered to the next set increment:

      $1,500-$2,999 ........ $100 increase
Up to $49 ..........
$5 increase   $3,000-$5,999 ........ $250 increase
$50-$249 ..........
$10 increase   $6,000-$11999 ....... $500 increase
$250-$749 .........
$25 increase   $12,000-$29,999 .... $1,000 increase
$750-$1,499 ......
$50 increase   $30,000 & up ......... $2,500 increase

Those receiving our large hardcopy Catalogues (available by purchase) may place phone bids immediately upon receipt. Those bidding via internet may do so any time after the announced online start time, and is available 24 hours per day. Phone calls will be accepted on the closing day from 8 A.M. until the close of the auction at 10 P.M. (Eastern time) On days prior to the auction ending date, phone calls are accepted 9 A.M. through 9 P.M. We offer greatly extended hours throughout the sale period to better serve you, so please bid early to avoid an end of sale “phone bottleneck” or possible online server slowness/failures. In the event of a tie bid, the earliest bid received takes precedent.

After placing a bid, you can not remove the bid if it is currently the high bid amount. However, if you have placed a maximum bid higher than the “current high bid,” you may later reduce your maximum to a lower amount, so long as it is equal to or higher than the current high bid. Example: The bidding on an item stands at $475. You raise to $500 and become the current high bidder, and leave a maximum of $750 on the lot. You later decide to reduce your maximum to $650. This is allowed. However, you can not lower your bid amount below the $500 current high bid. You must remain the high bidder.

A 12% buyer premium will be added to the invoice for all items purchased. This is in addition to your bid amount and shipping charges.

ITEM REMOVAL, SALE POSTPONEMENT / TERMINATION. The auction house reserves the right to remove any items from the sale at any time, and refuse any and all bids for any reason. If, during the sale period an act or circumstance takes place which impedes or affects the normal sale procedure, the auction can be postponed or terminated at the auctioneer’s discretion. This would include, but not limited to events such as an auction host server failure, national emergency, etc.

CALL BACKS. Any lot that has not been resolved by the end of the closing date will be resolved by “Call Backs” within the next number of days, by email and phone calls. We will attempt to contact everyone involved via the contact information provided. However, if a bidder can’t be reached within a reasonable amount of time (determined by the auctioneer), their call back privileges will be forfeited. ***Please note it is also a requirement for all underbidders who qualify for call backs to call the auction house within 24 hours of the sale closing time with intent to raise on items. This is in addition to outgoing calls we may be making. This rule is in effect to help speed the process along and finalizethe sale as soon as possible. Those who fail to call us may be dropped from an item on the presumption the underbid person is not willing to raise. The auction house reserves the right to suspend call backs on any lot, any time after 48 hours of sale closing. Anyone travelling during the call back period is required to call us at least three times daily to keep the bidding procedure operating smoothly. Call Backs are only for items closing at $400 or higher, and only for the top four bidders.

Anyone wishing to view auction items “in person” during the sale period is most welcome to visit our office. Please call ahead, as viewing is by appointment only. Most dates are available with the exception of sale closing day. Come and enjoy the glass and a friendly chat!

PAYMENT. Payment is to be made immediately upon receipt of invoice. Anyone who is registered for online bidding should receive an email invoice within 24 hours of call back completion. Those who do not have an email address listed with us, should receive a U.S. Mail hardcopy invoice within 8 days of sale closing date. Anyone who does not receive an invoice within those time frames should call us immediately. Late payment on the grounds of “non receipt of invoice” is not an exceptable excuse. Once again, please contact us if you do not receive an invoice in the allotted time. Late payment will result in loss of return privileges and interest charges. Personal checks drawn on U.S. accounts, money orders, and U.S. currency are all acceptable. No items will be shipped until paid in full. Due to recent bad checks from what were considered reliable customers, all shipments will be held until payment clears. International buyers should verify payment method prior to bidding. Sorry, no PayPal or Credit Cards. We do offer a LAYAWAY PLAN. Inquire for details PRIOR to bidding.

SHIPPING & MATERIALS FEE. Shipping for insulators is $12 for the first item, $3 each additional item. Additional charge of $1 per item to destinations in the Mountain and Pacific time zones (and AK, HI). Oversize and heavy items, additional charges apply. Due to the fragile nature of bottles and heavier packing requirements, shipping of bottles and jars is $14 first item and $4 each additional. Insurance for USPS parcels is: FREE up to $50, $2.60 for $51-$100, $3.30 for $101-$200, $5.50 for $201 to $300, and $1.25 each additional $100 value. On high value parcels, we will gladly discount the insurance amounts when savings can be applied by using Registered Mail. However, please be aware that packing materials and other expenses incurred are a substantial part of delivery cost. Discounts are not based solely on postage. We will not excessively charge for packing/shipping and will do what we can to keep your costs down by charging an amount very close to our actual costs.

Items which qualify for refund based on condition must be reported to us within 24 hours of receipt. We will advise you of the proper procedure at that time. Returned items must be in the same condition as when sent from our office,and posted within 72 hours of receipt, and only after our approval. Returned items must be in our possession before refunds will be made. Refunds based on the grounds of authenticity must be requested within 21 days of sale closing date.

If an item is damaged in shipping, please call us immediately. Do not return the item. Save all packing material.

The auctioneer will be the sole and final judge in determining all refunds. We will be fair and understanding in the unlikely occurrence of matters involving refunds. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We strive to have the highest quality and most accurate color images in the glass auction industry. However, please note refunds will not be honored based on color inaccuracy of images, either online or in the hardcopy Catalogue, since everyone’s monitor is calibrated differently, and color shifts can occur with printing. It is advisable to purchase a hardcopy Catalogue. By doing so, the bidder and auction house have the same starting reference point in determining color tones and density. Absolutely no refunds for any reason after 25 days from sale closing date.

LIMITED FUNDS / MULTIPLE ITEM BIDDING. If you see more items of interest in this sale than your budget allows at this time, perhaps the “Priority Plan” will work for you. You can indicate to the Auction house via phone, your total dollar expenditure limit for the entire sale. Then indicate the maximum bid amount for each item on your want list and an order of priority. Once you have met your spending limit on higher priority items, the Auction house will remove from the list, any the of lower priority items which were not yet actively bid on. Don’t hesitate to participate. To quality for this service, your request should be made in the early and middle stages of the sale, not very near the closing when the phone lines are busiest. The key to this service being successful is that a bidder must notify us by phone during the first phaseof the auction. Priority Plan entries can be submitted up to and including the next to the last day of the auction. No new Priority Plans will be accepted on closing day. DO NOT place Priority Plan bids yourself on-line for all the items. The Auction house must execute the bids for you, as we will execute the lower priority bids only if/when each of the higher priorities is eliminated.

BOTTLES AND INSULATORS WANTED. We are interested in acquiring collections of any size, or any “better” quality individual items. We will purchase outright, or if you wish to consign, we can discuss an arrangement to meet your needs. Will travel immediately to any location to make outright purchases and/or pick up consignments.


Ray Klingensmith

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